Here’s what I’m doing riiiight now:

    1. Living in Victoria, BC, but spending time in Vancouver as well
    2. Working on School for Bad Ghouls
    3. Learning about email funnels and sequences
    4. Thinking about webinars, and working on my YouTube Channel
    5. Loving every word of The Middle Finger Project
    6. Watching lots of Hannibal + season eight of RPDR

One thing I reeeeeally need to do for my business is:

Get a new set of photographs taken.

I’m struggling with:

An overactive brain and imagination. I’m finding it difficult to finish anything due to the overwhelming urge to create. I wrote a post about it here. Also sales funnels are hard, guys.

My current business priorities are:

Content creation, list growth + The 30 Day Pinterest Challenge

The Now revolution was started by Derek Sivers

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