my name is sydney ->

…and I’m the creator behind¬†dumbwitch. I’ve been making content online for as long as I can remember, from Geocities to LiveJournal to Blogger and WordPress. Building stuff on the internet has always been my go-to creative outlet.

I live on the west coast of Canada, in the ceded territories of the¬†¬†WŐĪS√ĀNEńÜ and¬†Lekwungen people.¬†

Right now, I’m writing a lot about starting a blog, the best tools to use to do so, affiliate marketing strategies, and Pinterest. I truly don’t believe that every blogger needs a niche to find people who like their content. Sometime soon, I’m planning to write about more topics, and feature a personal “secret” blogging section.

these guys…

…are my meaties. That’s Shasta on the left, and Teddy (aka big boi) on the right.

current favs

TV:¬†Schitt’s Creek, The Simpsons¬†(forever),¬†It’s Always Sunny, Pose, RPDR.

MOVIES: IT: Chapter 2, and basically everything on Disney+

MUSIC: King Princess, New Order, Slayyyter, The National, St. Vincent, Kim Petras & Britney 4ever.

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