Digital Getdown

#1: …and my livejournal lives on

Okay, my business has REALLY changed over the last year. In 2018, I came to an impasse with my own creativity. I really wanted to make something that felt right, but my brain was all let’s not. So I spun around in circles, writing longform posts every now and then, but never really scratching the itch of what I wanted, which was to REALLY get back into blogging again.

I just didn’t know how to incorporate blogging – real blogging, mid-2000s blogging – back into what I was already doing, and the space that had taken me so long to create. I definitely didn’t want to start over. Honestly, I didn’t have the energy or drive to create a new space from the ground up.

But I didn’t want to have my personal blogs threaded between the other stuff I write, like posts about affiliate marketing and using Pinterest to get more traffic to your blog. I considered a newsletter. I wondered what the reality of Instagram personal blogging was.

And then it hit me: secret posts, shared on my main website, but tucked just far away enough where they wouldn’t get mixed up with my strategy posts.

So, here we are. DIGITAL GETDOWN. A semi-secret section of my business strategy blog. A place to talk about whatever; pin potential be damned.

Also you’re 100% right. The title did come from the great:

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