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ConvertKit changed the way I communicate with my readers.

When I signed up for my ConvertKit account, I had no idea what I was doing, or why I should do it. Writing email sequences and reaching out to my subscribers was an unknown and – frankly – terrifying. ConvertKit made that transition easy for me.

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I really, seriously knew nothing about email marketing before I signed up for ConvertKit.

In all my years of blogging (seriously, about 10 of them), I had never promoted a newsletter or an email sequence – so when I signed up for ConvertKit, I went in BLIND. I signed up for a ConvertKit account in December 2016. Here’s what the next few months looked like:

Free ConvertKit Trial | Growth

If you’ve got the content and the opt-ins, ConvertKit makes growing your email list foolproof.

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ConvertKit is built on Forms, Sequences, Broadcasts, Subscribers, and Automations. Each piece of the puzzle fits together masterfully: your reader signs up with a form, is subscribed to a sequence, receives a broadcast, and is automatically tagged with an automation – depending on their behavior.

The beautiful thing about ConvertKit automation is that it works. Once you have your account set up, you can let ConvertKit do what it does best: connect you with your readers.

Creating a form (the backbone to your sequence) is dead easy.

Here’s the process in three steps:

Free ConvertKit Trial | Creating a ConvertKit Form

First up, you decide whether you want to create a landing page or a form. A landing page includes a URL that you can direct your visitors to, while a form is imbedded in your existing site page.

Free ConvertKit Trial | Creating a ConvertKit Form

From there, you can customize your form in the Content and Settings tabs. ConvertKit lets you customize EVERYTHING about your form: the success message your subscriber sees upon opting in, the email they receive (also, my personal favorite feature: ConvertKit automatically provides download links to your subscriber when you have an opt-in), and the overall style of your form.

If you have a little CSS under your belt, you can create some real beauts from the standard ConvertKit form.

Free ConvertKit Trial | Customizing Your ConvertKit Form

Once your form is ready to go, all you have to do is embed it. If you’re a WordPress user, there are tons of amazing ConvertKit friendly plugins, too. My favorite is Bloom by Elegant Themes.

Head's up: I use affiliate links in this post! I have not been asked to promote this tool by its creator, but I do receive a percentage off of my monthly fee OR receive a small commission for each person who signs up through my link.

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