If there’s one thing 2010 me would find hard to believe, it’s gotta be:

You can pay $20 a month to have a ~curated box of treats and toys delivered for your dog.

Shasta – my five year old pit mix, pictured below – lives and dies by her BarkBox. She is 100% food and treat driven (she does ANYTHING for peanut butter), and starts shaking her head with excitement the second she sees that familiar cardboard box arriving in the mail.

There are a handful of monthly dog box subscriptions out there, but BarkBox is def my fav. I think my favorite thing about BarkBox is that it’s run by GOOD PEOPLE.

In five years, Shasta has been uninterested in about three treat choices – max – and every single time, BarkBox Customer Support has gone out of their way to send something new, or provide a coupon to their BarkShop.

For someone who appreciates good service (me, not so much the dog), that is some goooood service.

Shasta isn’t much of a chewer (she’s a pump-or-carry kinda gal), but she will pick a seam every now and then. For the most part, BarkBox toys – especially Bark Co. brand – hold up to those tiny crooked teeth.

As a human who likes colorful and cute things, I always look forward to what’s in the box, too.

Over the last few months, Shasta has received: an abominable snowman (fav), a fish taco, a newspaper, two bundles of flowers, a milk carton, a yeti (also fav – she loves that fluffy fur), a tiny star… the list – literally – goes on and on. I’ve read a lot of BarkBox reviews online, too, and there is a HUGE assortment of toys up for grabs – there’s something new every single month.

To get your FREE BarkBox, use code SHASTA at checkout, or click on the link below:

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