There’s something happening to a lot of bloggers and biz owners that we don’t talk about enough.

No matter your niche, it seems like everywhere you go, there’s copy being written about ‘finding your tribe,’ being a #GIRLBOSS, and hustling. I pretty much summed up the Blogger Experience in 2016 with one sentence, right?

But what about all of the shit nobody ever really talks about?

Like getting burnt out, hitting a creative slump, and, let’s get REAL real for a second: feeling jealousy over another blogger’s success?

It happens. I know it happens, because I’ve been there.

Jealousy can absolutely consume you. It is a direct symptom of comparing yourself and your business to others.

“I want to be like her,” you’ve probably thought to yourself, halfway through a professionally designed blog, full of bags and bags of well written and thought out content. “I want to earn $5000 per month from my blog, too.”

It can be inspiring – in small doses.

On the other side of the coin, it can be debilitating instead.

Comparison can and will RUIN your business… if you let it.

There are so many successful bloggers out there already, and they’re doing exactly what I want to do.

Why am I even doing this? Is there room for one more?

Nobody will ever buy this eBook from me, because another blogger has already done it better than I ever could.

Sound familiar?

Comparison will paralyze you if you let it. There are many ways to cannibalize comparison syndrome, and one of the most effective ways is being grateful.

On Letting Go of Comparison and Practicing Gratitude Instead

Gratitude is part of the universal law of attraction.

Manifestation and gratitude go hand in hand: we attract the things we think about and focus on, whether good or bad.

The funny thing is, humans aren’t hardwired to be grateful. Places like GOMI and celebrity snark blogs are hard evidence of that. Humans love to complain. Have you ever worked in Customer Service? We vent and rant and swear and yell; it’s in our nature.

On Letting Go of Comparison and Practicing Gratitude Instead

Gratitude takes work

Like running a business or building a blog, gratitude is a skill that requires work.

If you don’t take the time to be grateful, you won’t be. It’s as simple as that.

So, instead of comparing yourself to others in your niche, be grateful for what you already have and are currently working towards.

Never forget that the content you covet from your favorite blogger is carefully curated, polished, and scheduled. You aren’t seeing the hard work that goes into each post, launch, and Instagram picture. You aren’t seeing the stress, the exhaustion, and their own feelings of comparison syndrome.

Keeping that in mind, here are some easy ways to practice gratitude daily:

Identify Negativity

Simply put, you can’t change it until you’re aware of it. Be more self critical, and consider the things you’re thinking, saying, and writing down.

When you have a negative thought, be aware of it. Consider why you thought that way, appreciate the fact you did, and then turn the thought itself into a positive one.

For example: Ugh, if I see one more post from this chick about living your best life, I’m going to barf.

Can be turned into: Reading this person’s version of THEIR best life has helped me identify the things I DON’T want to include in mine.

Gratitude can help you put things in perspective, and framing negative thoughts as grateful ones is an easy way to begin practicing that.

Be Mindful

This one is always #1 on any article you can find when Googling how to be grateful. It’s a good one, but I’ll keep it short anyways:

Practice daily gratitude by keeping track of the little things that make you happy.

Download a gratitude app or keep a piece of paper in your bag, and write down at least one thing you’re grateful for each day.

Limit Your Access

This is not as counterintuitive as it seems.

Audit the bloggers you’re following on social media, and strip out the people who make you feel like shit when you see their latest blog post or monthly income report.

If it doesn’t inspire you, it doesn’t serve you – regardless of how popular it is on Pinterest.

When you do want inspiration, read their blog once or twice a month instead of daily/weekly.

Limiting your access to influencers in your niche will allow you to grow your blog in your OWN way. If you’re looking for inspiration along the way, try creating a mastermind group with a handful of like-minded individuals who are at the same level with their blog or biz.

Know Yourself

This is absolutely THE most important takeaway from this post.

Beyond anything else: know yourself, know your brand, and know what you stand for.

Be the best blogger for yourself, because you’ll FIND your people who are like you. You’ll find the readers who will hang onto every word, and show interest in the products you’re selling.

If they aren’t your people, let it go.

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