No webinars. No pitches. Limited bunks.

Pinterest Summer Camp is an online workshop that runs for 5 days, twice every summer.

Each “camper” that enrolls is sorted into a cabin (team) of four people based on their current Pinterest skill level and future goals.

Summer Campers take part in themed activities that will lead them through the process of growing their Pinterest account.

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Pinterest Summer Camp | Camp Schedule

Welcome to Pinterest Summer Camp!
Introduction to Camp
Meet the Cabins and Campers

Arts and Crafts
How to Create a Visually Optimized Pin
Viral Pin Case Studies

How to Create a Pin That Sticks in Smart Feed
Optimizing Individual Boards for Search

Capture the Flag
How to Market Affiliate Products Through Pinterest
Making a Liveable Earning with Affiliate Marketing

Obstacle Course
Funnelling Pinterest Traffic to Your Site

Questions and Answers
Connect with Other Campers

Camp runs from July 17 to 21, 2017

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