Remember when I said I wanted to gain Pinterest followers? It’s been working out!

WOW, has this ever been a crazy month for my Pinterest account.

How I Gained 49 Pinterest Followers in 29 Days | To The Wild Co.

Let’s get to the numbers first:

December 2015: 387 (–)
January 2016: 400 (+13)
February 2016: 459 (+59)

Can we talk about that jump?!

For REAL. Those are the kind of results I like to see. I’m doing the same amount of work, time-wise, that I was doing back in December and January. Despite the fact I have invested no more time than usual, I gained 59 followers in one month.

That is proof working smarter – not harder – WORKS.

Here’s how I gained 59 Pinterest followers in 29 days:

Kept My Tailwind Queue Loaded

Alright, let me talk about Tailwind for a minute or two here. It has completely changed the way I pin. I take two hours at the start of every week, and I fill up my queue. For the rest of the week, Tailwind figures out the best times to post, and posts. It just works.

I briefly tinkered around with BoardBooster, but it wasn’t for me. I like having full control of what I’m pinning. I’d rather manually set up a repin through Tailwind than let BoardBooster do my work for me.

You can sign up for a free month ($15 credit!) here.

Doubled My Daily Pin Amount

I added three new timeslots to my Tailwind schedule, which took me from posting 3 pins per day to 6. In the next month I’ll likely move up to 8. Eventually I’d like to be in the 10-15 pin per day range, but that’s a LOT of curating and queuing.

Began repinning (looping) my own pins

Halfway through February, I attended a #blogelevated Twitter chat that completely changed the way I have been pinning up until now. In that chat, I learned that repins are more important than the initial pin. Am I the only one who did NOT know this?!

So, this month I started looping my old pins. I haven’t done this too much, in fact I’ve only done it with boards that have 50+ pins on them currently, but we’ll see if it makes a big impact through April.

Joined a few group boards

This is something I had been meaning to do for a while, but I couldn’t figure out where to find group boards, or how to join them. I ended up finding a few through some of my favorite pinners profiles. If you want to check out the group boards I’m currently pinning to, check out the bottom of my board list.

Continued optimizing my profile

This is the boring stuff that I’m not entirely sure is making a difference, but will continue to do anyways. This month I continued adding keywords to my board descriptions, and making sure my boards are categorized properly. I also made some of my old, low performing campaign boards private. Nobody needs to see a Influenster Vox Box I posted about two years ago.

That’s it. Honestly, I could have only done half of the things I did above and had similar results, as long as I stayed consistent with the amount I pinned per day.

Just for the Record

I have NOT gone on following sprees, or participated in followbacks/follow-for-follows.

I have invested no more than an hour and a half to two hours per week.

The people who are following me are NOT bots or fake follower accounts.

In April I’m going to continue what I’m going now, and, as I mentioned above, maybe move up to 8 pins per day instead of 6.

How I Gained 59 Pinterest Followers in 29 Days | To The Wild Co.

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