You don’t need to reduce your content down to one niche to be successful online. dumbwitch is a place for creatives to ditch the restrictions, and infuse their personality back into their brand. Making money online is fun, and my goal is to let this space reflect that. Here, you’ll find content related to affiliate marketing, passive income, Pinterest, and blogging. I also write a lot about simplifying life through organization and design!

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And I’m the creator behind dumbwitch (formerly to To The Wild Co.). I’ve been building stuff online for 15+ years, from Geocities to LiveJournal, fansites and personal blogs and beyond. Creating content online has been my primary creative outlet for as long as I can remember.

dumbwitch was born from the creative burnout I skidded out on after 5+ years of running an opt-in, washed-out online business. My hope is that dumbwitch will fulfill all your campy, not-so-serious needs while also teaching you how you can make money and have fun with your online presence.

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